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Benchmark/Tracking Studies
Pinpoint awareness, attitudes and present image of your brand / company, along with that of selected key competitors, in order to establish baseline data, set communications goals and become capable of tracking campaign performance.
Complete a benchmark study (Wave 1 of a series of tracking studies) among well-defined buying / specifying influences in your market segments.
RESULTS GAINED:  Measure “top-of-mind” awareness of brands / companies which come to mind (unaided) as well as the impact of theme lines/slogans.

Document familiarity with and opinions of key brands/companies.

Isolate the image of key brands / companies.

Determine association of claims / benefits / features with each key brand/company.

Measure buying / specifying preferences.

Document the memorability of advertising, direct mail, point-of-purchase and other marketing communications efforts.

Gain insight into the media preferences of various market segments.
ACTION STEPS:  Plan or revise marketing communications programs in order to achieve specific, measurable objectives, sometimes differing by segment.
METHOD:  In-depth telephone surveys, combining quantitative measures with qualitative probing.
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