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Norm-Based Testing of Verbal Concepts/Claims/Communications Strategies
RESEARCH NEED: Sift through a range of claims, features or positioning strategies to isolate those with the greatest promise.
RECOMMENDATION:  Norm-based evaluation of verbal concepts/claims/communications strategies.
RESULTS GAINED:  Employing one-on-one, personal in-depth interviews, you'll identify.

(After a 3-second initial exposure)
(Random-sequenced presentation of "masked" statements) INHERENT IMPORTANCE... Using the Opinion Thermometer, a rating is obtained on the buying/specifying importance of the communications strategy featured in each statement (ratings are compared with appropriate product/service category norms).

REASONS FOR IMPORTANCE... Probes are used to isolate "reasons why" which support or detract from concepts' importance ratings.

(After naming of the sponsoring company and/or brand name)
RANK ORDER BELIEVABILITY... Once the company or brand name is known, how do the statements rank in terms of their believability?

REASONS FOR BELIEVABILITY... What are the primary reasons leading to "high" or "low" believability rankings of the tested statements?

IMAGE ATTRIBUTE ASSOCIATION... Among up to 10 attributes/ characteristics, which are voluntarily associated with each statement?

RELATIVE UNIQUENESS... Is the strategy communicated in each statement thought of as unique and different, or as similar to an existing product or service? And if "similar", to what product or service?

... To what extent is overall interest in the product or service generated, and for what reasons?
ACTION STEPS:  After isolating claims/features/communication strategies with the greatest potential, move forward with the creative process. .
METHOD:  In-depth, personal interviews among selected target audiences.
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