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Palshaw Qualitative Pre-Screen Procedure
RESEARCH NEED: Narrow down a range of creative alternatives in rough, preliminary form, identifying those with the greatest potential.
RECOMMENDATION:  Qualitative Pre-Screen study of multiple rough creative approaches.
RESULTS GAINED:  Upon completion of in-depth, one-on-one personal interviews, you’ll pinpoint…

(After a 3-second initial exposure)
MENTAL FOCUS... Is there any focus or message concentration when the ad or promotion piece is initially seen, or is communication scattered?

APPEARANCE FACTORS... What particular physical presentation or execution elements support or detract from immediate response? And what is the margin of difference between positive and negative reactions?

(After full exposure to the message of the ad or promotion piece/no time limit)
STRONG IDEAS... Do any particular ideas or concepts show up frequently as a reason for interest in buying the advertised product or service?

LIKES/DISLIKES... What are the overall contributing factors that enhance or limit response to the ad? And what is the margin of difference between favor and disfavor?

PROBLEM AREAS... Is there anything about the ad that respondents find difficult to understand, hard to believe, or that’s in some way inconsistent with their experience or knowledge?
ACTION STEPS:  Eliminate consideration of any substandard approaches, moving ahead into finished execution of strong contenders.
METHOD:  Personal interviews among selected target audiences.
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