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Company Equity/Market Satisfaction Studies
RESEARCH NEED: Analyze the existing or proposed market and current satisfaction/dissatisfaction levels, identifying the position and strengths/weaknesses of all major companies in order to enhance development of marketing and advertising strategies for the client’s product/service.
RECOMMENDATION:  Conduct a company equity/market satisfaction study among well-defined target audience influences in appropriate market segments.
RESULTS GAINED:  Identification of company leaders and noteworthy competitors on up to 10 purchase/specification measures; includes levels of present market satisfaction/dissatisfaction on each measure.

Measure importance of the above characteristics.

Document present areas of concern/dissatisfaction.

Identify respected companies; likewise those with specific problems or negatives.

Measure familiarity with specific companies.

Measure opinion of specific companies.

Document present likelihood/willingness to do business with each of the major companies; probe for “reason why” testimony.
ACTION STEPS:  Re-position an existing organization. Plan a program to fit a particular niche or market opportunity. Consider selling off a unit or acquiring a competitor. Set specific goals.
METHOD:  In-depth telephone surveys, combining quantitative measures with qualitative probing.
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