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Testing of Sales Aids
RESEARCH NEED: Identifying sales aids that communicate clearly and persuasively to target respondents, while also meeting the needs of your sales representatives.
RECOMMENDATION:  Use of multiple geographically-spread central location facilities for highly structured individual, one-on-one interviews with targeted respondents (immediately following on-site sales aid presentation by a member of your sales force). Up to 10 interviews per day/per location, with multiple sales reps involved in each city.
RESULTS GAINED:  With the targeted respondents...

Section by section (spread by spread) identification of the messages being conveyed, as well as an evaluation of their importance to respondents.

Documentation of positive/negative reactions to physical presentation elements (layout, illustrations, type, color, etc.).

Probing of any desired (but omitted) information.

With the sales representatives...

Personal reactions as to their use of the sales aids.

Identification of elements that worked well or poorly.

Views of information that should be added/deleted.

Suggestions on any ways to improve the sales aids.
ACTION STEPS:  Once you know from the pre-test what works/doesn't work, you can fine tune, revise, improve, select and/or eliminate sales aids. You'll use only the best.
METHOD:  In-depth, one-on-one personal interviews with target respondents as well as geographically dispersed members of your sales force (all brought to multiple central location facilities where you can observe).
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