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Norm-Based Palshaw Advertising Test
RESEARCH NEED: Pursue a quantitative, norm-based and diagnostic pre-test of final creative alternatives.
RECOMMENDATION:  Norm-based, Palshaw Advertising Test, with a carefully defined target audience sample.
RESULTS GAINED:  With administration of a reproducible sample in geographically spread markets, you'll document.

(After a 3-second initial exposure)
READING INTEREST... What was the likelihood of reading? Of not reading? What were the reasons why, pro or con?

... Do respondents immediately note the brand name correctly? Is "sponsorship" credit given to another brand?

(After full exposure to the message of the ad/no time limit)
IDEA COMPREHENSION/PRESCRIBING IMPORTANCE... What did respondents consider to be the main idea? What level of prescribing importance was assigned to the idea? Are some ideas notably more important than others?

NEWS VALUE... Was any new information conveyed? What was it?

PRESCRIBING INTEREST... After reading the ad, were the respondents very interested, somewhat interested or not at all interested in prescribing the brand? What were their reasons, pro or con?

CONVERSION FACTOR... Of those ideas frequently cited in response to the main idea question, what percentage also converted into expressions of Prescribing Interest?

FRESHNESS INDEX... Using a 5-point scale, whether the respondents felt the ad's approach to promoting the product was "fresh and innovative" or "overused and worn out"? What were their reasons for the rating?
ACTION STEPS:  Select the winning creative approach and proceed into media.
METHOD:  One-on-one, in-depth target audience interviews.
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