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Goal Effectiveness Measurement Systems (GEMS)
RESEARCH NEED: Measure the memorability, impact and goal-attaining effectiveness of advertising/sales promotion/marketing programs.
RECOMMENDATION:  Goal Effectiveness Measurement Systems (GEMS) studies, at timely intervals, document the impact of your ad/promotional programs, employing long-used multiple criteria.
RESULTS GAINED:  Through administration of periodic telephone survey waves, you'll pinpoint...

UNAIDED PROMOTIONAL PROGRAM RECALL... Does your target audience specifically recall reading, hearing, seeing or otherwise learning about your advertising and promotional program (and competitors');

PROGRAM FEEDBACK... Among those "recalling", what information do respondents retain, and is there accurate or inaccurate playback of specifics regarding your ad/promotional program;

UNAIDED BRAND PREFERENCE... Where do your brands (and the competitors') rank; does brand preference change over time;?

IMPORTANCE OF KEY CLAIMS... Which brand claims are important? Why do they do well or poorly?

BRAND ASSOCIATION... Does your brand get credit for your ad/promotional program, or is the marketplace confused;

RECALL OF INDIVIDUAL AD AND PROMOTION EFFORTS ... Know how well you and your competitors are getting through;

BRAND LOYALTY... How does brand preference relate to actual brand usage? Is a brand vulnerable?
ACTION STEPS:  Pinpoint the impact and accurate/inaccurate communication attained by your ads and promotion program, as well as key competitors... Determine whether continued (or increased) support of your program makes sense.
METHOD:  In-depth telephone surveys among selected target audiences. Computer-based analysis and graphs highlight key findings.
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