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The importance of test, re-test reliability should not be overlooked

When you conduct an advertising pre-test, is it reliable and reproducible (that is, will a repeat study produce the same results)?

This is a critical issue, for an absence of stability and highly comparable results in a test, re-test situation immediately suggests that you can’t rely on the pre-test method.

The following chart covers a total of 7 ads which were studied using the Palshaw Ad Test in a total of eight studies (the chart documents the average difference between an ad’s first test and the second test of the same ad…the smallest test, re-test difference was 1.2 percentage points, while the largest test, re-test difference was 4.6 percentage points (overall, as you’ll see, the average test, re-test difference was 3.43 percentage points).

In sum, you can rely on the test, re-test reliability and reproducibility of the Palshaw Ad Test.

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